ZakGear web presence has been established in 1997 with a goal to promote novel gear ideas in  design and manufacturing. Spiral bevel gears have been our highest area of expertise since 1986. We own the most advanced mathematical tool for spiral bevel gear design and manufacturing proposed by Dr. Stepan Lunin in 1986. With Spiral Bevel Co we design and manufacture large spiral bevel gears for marine, oil, wind power, construction and mineral processing industries.
     We use unique zakgear design and bevel gears manufacturing methods that allow us to provide higher quality spiral bevel gears. Out gears usually can transmit higher torque, quieter in operation and have longer life thanks to zakgear technology.
     We can also manufacture globoid, worm, worm face, hyperbolic and other gears. We are experts in design and manufacturing of variable ratio racks.      
     In manufacturing of spiral bevel gears we use modern zakgear technology for validation of the tooth contact. Before manufacturing of spiral bevel gears we study the contact pattern and correct design  in order to allow gear to have  some level of misalignment or run-out.
     ZAKGEAR end tips and other improvements of the propeller propulsion.

     Zakgear design software is worldwide known design and manufacturing software that can significantly improve performance of the gears. More specifically Zakgear spiral bevel design and manufacturing software is know for its accuracy in calculation of the gear manufacturing summary and for its outstanding quality of the tooth contact pattern simulation.

     Zakgear consulting offers consulting services in relation to gear design and manufacturing. We recommend contacting ZAKGEAR on the initial stage of the conceptual design. Selecting a right gear has to be done on the initial stage of the design. ZAKGEAR would recommend the best gear for the current application and would make sure that the gear set is design to minimize production cost. Designing, for example, a spiral bevel gear today is different from the design procedure of a few years ago because of the modern ZAKGEAR technology of gear manufacturing. The older design procedures satisfy manufacturing processes commonly known as Gleason or Klingelnberg. Unfortunately the older procedures do not result in production of the optimized spiral bevel gear. During the conceptual design stage it is critical that the new spiral bevel gear set is design in order to meet standards of ZAKGEAR process.

     Spiral Bevel Corporation provides services in design and manufacturing of composite gears for application that require reduced weight and corrosion resistance.

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