List of articles.


  1. New hydrofoil breaks 100% efficiency barrier of a regular propeller.
  2. Take advantage of using winglets and endplates on high speed racing propellers.
  3. Winglet design practice for high speed racing propeller.
  4. 20 ways to modify a propeller for higher efficiency.
  5. Save from 10% to 30% of fuel by simple modifications of standard propeller.
  6. Low cost alternative for counter rotating propellers.
  7. Do you think you own top of the line boat? Learn how to gain 10%-15% more speed out of it!
  8. Novel approach to sail boat hull design.
  9. Ducted propeller for high speed boats.
  10. Practical recommendations for improving of standard propeller.
  11. Increasing of high speed propeller efficiency by modifying of the trailing edge.
  12. Novel approach for reducing of cavitation with slotted blade.
  13. Increasing of propeller efficiency with boundary layer barrier.
  14. Modification of the propeller hub for increased propulsion.
  15. New design of exhaust diffuser ring on outboards and stern drives.
  16. New design practice for reduction of induced vortex on propeller hub.
  17. New concept of multiple winglets for higher propulsion efficiency.
  18. Applying common aeronautic technology for improving of marine propeller.
  19. 100 ways to increase propulsion efficiency.



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